The purpose of the Yarrabilba Community Garden is to stimulate urban agriculture within Yarrabilba, we hope to embrace this purpose by creating linkages with local school and education groups to provide education on food systems and sustainable living within the local area.

Frequent Questions

Do you have garden beds for rent? 

No. All our gardening is done communally and produce shared.  

Can I take produce from the garden if I’m not a member?

We’re trying a different approach with our garden! Everyone in our community is a member – it is a communal garden and everyone is welcome to contribute and benefit from our collective efforts in this space.

We would love the consumers of our produce to help with the work in the garden where possible, so please reach out or attend our events for more information.

Do I need to be a active member to come to Gardening Time or Events? 

All of our events and activities are open to everyone. We do need you to note your attendance in our records for insurance and contact tracing purposes. Please get in touch with our Garden Coordinator – Tash for further information.